Hapkido Brother's Academy-Self-Defense

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Our classes are taught by one of only four U.S. 9th degree Grand Masters in Hapkido, Billy Lee Burchett sanctioned by Grand Master In Sun Seo, 10th Dan, of the Hanminjok Hapkido Association.  Hapkido Brother Academy is an active member of the Hanminjok Hapkido Association recognized by the South Korean Government and a member of the World Kido Association.

Our Martial Arts School is located at the Steam Fit Academy in the beautiful Clermont area.


A modern fitness, and training facility

Martial Arts

We’re a family that practices the Martial Art of Hapkido.  Hapkido is the Korean art of Coordinated Power taught to the Korean Special Forces. 


The Art of Coordinated Power or Hapkido provides the study and mastery of kicking, punching, hip/shoulder throws, leg sweeps, ground fighting, and joint locks. Hapkido Brother's Academy is built around the art of Self Defense using hand to hand and weapons in our trainig. It's the ability to use your opponents force against him/her, while maintaining the angle to provide the maximum force when kicking or punching.  Training includes learning how to fall, roll, and redirect punches/kicks.  Not only will you learn the art of Hapkido you will get in the best physical shape of your life.  Training includes workouts that provide cardio, stretching, and muscle building exercises.

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