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All classes are built around self defense while maintaining the discipline of traditional martial arts.  You must be in physical shape to be a good Martial Artist so exercising at the start of every class is essential, followed by kicks, punches, and joint locks.  New techniques will be introduced and practiced. Weapon training such as cane, short stick, newspaper, bottles, etc. will be taught. the first rule of hapkido is there are no rules, and one of the unique aspects of Hapkido is to learn how to use any ordinary item as a weapon.

For the kid’s classes (5-12):

Hapkido Brother's Academy-Self-Defense


Adult Classes (13 and Older):

Children are taught at their level.  Classes incorporate basic calisthenics, stretching, kicking, striking, how to fall/roll, and how to break free of a grab.  All while focusing on awareness and respect.  Both of which are demonstrated by class structure.  This includes bowing in/out, using sir/ma’am/instructor, being respectful to classmates and being aware of their surroundings. Awareness helps them avoid being attacked. Respect is extrapolated to parents and elders. Being loyal especially to family, friends, community and a positive citizen of the world. Feel free to talk with GM Billy.  Children 13 years or older with an interest can discuss joining the adult class with GM Billy.